Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

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If you are a left-handed golfer, you already know that it can occasionally be challenging to adapt traditional techniques. Everything from holding clubs to positioning your feet may not come naturally if you are a southpaw. Paying for golf instruction in Cookeville, TN is the best way to maximize your ability to play and home in on the perfect game. If you are a left-handed golfer, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can implement to make your time out on the links more successful.
There is a wide range of tasks associated with learning to play golf that are more difficult for left-handed players. For instance, selecting a set of clubs can be substantially more challenging for a lefty golfer. Additionally, most technique books and online instruction guides offer advice only to right-handed players. For many left-handed golfers, visiting a qualified provider of golf instruction in Cookeville, TN is the best way to maximize your time out on the course.

Choose the right clubs

For many left-handed golfers, the act of finding a set of clubs that suits your playing style can be exceedingly difficult. You should choose a set of clubs that meets your needs as a player, and is of an appropriate length for your overall height. During golf instruction in Cookeville, TN, your teacher will be able to help you identify a set of clubs that suits you the best.

Build a power release

This can be a challenging task for many left-handed players. The key way to develop a power release, which will propel your golf ball across the fairway, is to hold you club with a powerful grip. Speak with your instructor about developing a power grip, versus a neutral grip.

Follow through your swing

If you are a left-handed golfer, you should conclude each and every swing with a full-scale follow-through, meaning that you should be left standing on the balls of your feet. This will ensure a consistent strike on each and every golf ball that you hit. Developing a regular follow-through will help you improve both accuracy and distance.

Build up your swing fundamentals

You can build up your swing fundamentals by swinging on both sides of your body. This helps to reset your brain, and is an especially beneficial practice for left-handed golfers who previously adopted right-handed swinging techniques.
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