Get Outside After Winter at a Golf Course This Spring

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With winter on its way out and spring settling in, you finally have a chance to get outside and stretch your legs in some warmer weather. Spring is a very popular time for people to get involved in many types of sports, but one of the best spring sports is golf. With warm sunshine, pleasant breezes and great company, it doesn’t get much better than spending an afternoon on a gorgeous golf course in Cookeville, TN.
If you’re looking for a good way to get exercise, pick up a new hobby or spend more time outside, head to your nearest golf course and get some practice in. Here are some reasons why spring is the best time to start playing golf:

  • Get outside: One of the best parts about playing golf is that it is done outside. When the weather is poor, this can be a drawback, but spring is usually filled with bright sunshine, budding plants and warmer weather. All of this will feel particularly great after a harsh, cold winter. Heading to a golf course in Cookeville, TN can allow you to exercise your mind and body while enjoying the beauty of nature and taking in lots of fresh air.
  • Days are longer: Studies have shown that timing is everything when it comes to playing golf, and you’ll want to pick a tee time that coincides with when your body is at peak performance. It’s widely thought that most athletes’ strength, flexibility and mental capacity are at their best in the early evening. In springtime, the days get longer, meaning you’ll have more time to hit the links after work while the sun is still shining.
  • Start learning early: If you’re new to golf, starting in early spring is the best way to go, since you’ll get a head start on learning the basics. If you know someone who can teach you, make a weekly trip with them to the nearest golf course to practice, or try out some instructional courses taught by a professional. When you start early, you’ll be able to enjoy the full golf season, playing well into late summer and hopefully seeing a lot of improvement with the extra play time.
  • Get practice in before summer: If you’re a seasoned golfer, the start of spring will feel like a breath of fresh air after a long winter without playing, but your body might not feel the same. Taking a few months off from the sport will likely result in decreased performance, and it may take you a little while to get back up to speed. Starting early in the spring will ensure you’re at peak performance when more tournaments and casual rounds are played in the summer months.

Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, visit Southern Hills Golf & Country Club to play on our challenging and rewarding 18-hole golf course in Cookeville, TN. With a beautifully manicured course, excellent and knowledgeable staff and a bar and grill to relax in after you play, our golf club is the ultimate destination this spring. We have memberships available, so stop in today and see how our staff can assist you!

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