New to Golf? No Worries! Our Country Club in Cookeville, TN Is Implementing a New Handicap System This Spring

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One of the best parts of golf is the company you keep while on the course. Playing a round of golf is a great social event for groups of friends or family members, but it can be frustrating to join in if you are far less experienced than some other members of your party. This is exactly why the handicap system exists in golf: less talented players are able to keep up with more competitive players, resulting in a much more fun atmosphere for everyone!

This spring, Southern Hills Golf & Country Club is implementing our own handicap system for tournaments and other rounds of golf. We believe this system will allow our players of all levels to better enjoy the game and each other’s company while out on the course. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, stop by our country club in Cookeville, TN and join in on the fun!

What is a golf handicap system?

A golf handicap is used to “level the playing field” for players of all skill levels. Golfers with lower skill levels can adjust their scores at the end of a round based on their handicap, which typically makes scores between less- and more-skilled players closer in a competition. Golf handicaps are determined based on a course rating, or how many strokes it takes an average golfer to complete a round, and the course slope, or its difficulty.

In order to receive a handicap, you’re going to need to play a few rounds of golf on your own first. You must go with another person so they can keep score for you and sign your card at the end of the 18 holes. In most instances, you’ll need to play a set number of rounds and record your scores before a handicap is assigned.
Once you’ve played enough and recorded your scores, you can give them to the country club in Cookeville, TN where you’ve been playing and they will enter your scores into a computer system that will generate your handicap.

The lower your handicap is, the better you are. If you have a handicap of 10, it means you are expected to hit the ball 10 times over par for the particular course. Over time, as you improve, you’ll be able to lower your handicap.

Golf handicaps at Southern Hills Golf & Country Club

Southern Hills Golf & Country Club is implementing a new handicap system this spring, so you and your friends can more easily play a round of golf together and have more fun with some friendly competition. Stop by our country club in Cookeville, TN to learn more about our handicap system and how it can help you in future tournaments, friendly rounds and more.

Our challenging and rewarding 18-hole golf course, excellent and knowledgeable staff and bar and grill to relax in after you play make Southern Hills Golf & Country Club your ultimate golf destination this spring. We have memberships available, so stop in today and see how our staff can assist you!

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