Golf Is Good for All Ages: Why It’s a Great Family Sport

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These days, spending time together as a family can be challenging. Everyone’s busy schedule makes it tricky to find a day (or even just a few hours) to reconnect with one another. Thankfully, we have golf! Hitting the links is a fun time for kids, teens and adults alike, and is one of the best ways you can spend a sunny afternoon. Keep reading to learn what makes golf such an ideal activity for your family:

  • The whole family can play:Finding an activity that the whole family can participate in is tricky—that is, until you visit a golf course in Cookeville, TN! Everyone from your seven-year-old daughter to her 70-year-old grandfather can hit the links at the same time. It isn’t a physically demanding game, so everyone regardless of age has a chance to sink a putt. Additionally, golf is the definition of a sport you can play your whole life. In fact, many studies show that those who continue to play well into their twilight years live a happier and healthier life.
  • It’s an equal playing field: People may argue that there are other sports you can play for your whole life. For example, tons of senior citizens still play tennis! However, it’s hard to find a sport where everyone is on an “equal playing field,” so to speak. If you’re a much better tennis player than the other person on the other side of the net, neither of you is going to have very much fun. But out on the golf course, it’s just you and the ball. You could be in the same foursome as Tiger Woods, and it wouldn’t matter because, regardless of how well he hits the ball, your score isn’t affected.
  • There’s room for conversation: You don’t need to be an avid golfer to know that playing 18 holes takes a while. Even if you rent a cart, you’re still going to be out on the course for a few hours. During that time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk with your kids about what’s going on in their lives. Mid-game conversations in other sports have to do more with strategy than catching up with teammates. Book a tee time today to ensure you can talk to your kids and spouse out on the course.
  • Golf has many health benefits: Finally, one of the best reasons to get out onto the course with your family is to ensure everyone stays in good shape. Obesity and a lack of exercise have become big problems in America over the past few decades. You can help prevent your family from becoming an obesity statistic by visiting a golf course in Cookeville, TN. Even if you take a golf cart, playing 18 holes is a good workout for you and your kids!

Regardless of which of golf’s attributes appeal to you and your family members, call to book a tee time at Southern Hills Golf & Country Club today. We guarantee your whole family will have a blast on the course and will make memories that last a lifetime.

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