Why Your Company Can’t Afford to Skip the Christmas Party this Year

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With all the focus on holiday office parties gone wrong and last year’s movie comedy, “The Office Christmas Party,” making company Christmas parties look like a liability and a mistake, it can be tempting to run and hide when an employee asks you where in your office party will be this year.

Here at Southern Hills Golf & Country Club, in Cookeville, TN, we’ve been the event venue to countless company Christmas parties over the years in our 2 banquet halls, the elegant Magnolia Room, and the gorgeous Veranda Room, so we know that most office parties aren’t a nightmare at all. In fact, if you don’t host a Christmas or other holiday party for your employees you risk missing out on the many benefits that office holidays parties at a great event facility bring to your business.

That’s why we decided to give you the inside scoop on company Christmas parties from Cookeville, TN event specialists. The 10 secrets below will reveal to you why your business can’t afford to miss out on this important annual tradition. So why host an office Christmas party? Because Christmas parties allow your business to:

  • Recognize Employee Accomplishments: Think about it! What’s better than a festive setting where everybody is gathered together for highlighting employee accomplishments? Your employees will feel extra special knowing their colleagues and bosses are all hearing about all the great things they’ve done for the company this year.
  • Make Key Announcements: Besides your employee’s accomplishments, the Christmas party, hosted at a great venue, with delicious food and drink, is the perfect time to let everybody know any new developments for the coming year and to make any key announcements. Your employees like to feel trusted and kept in the loop of what’s going on in your organization.
  • Allows Employees & Management to Mingle: In the office, people don’t let their guard down and always have their work face on. There’s usually very little time for socializing and for management and staff to socialize outside of work. By having a company Christmas party at a banquet hall that’s not your office, everybody can relax and have a good time while getting to talk to people they might not normally have the time to talk to or who are higher up in the company hierarchy.
  • Builds Company Culture: These days everyone is talking about “company culture.” But often in the day to day, your vision of the ideal culture for your company gets lost in the daily grind and new hires might not even be aware of what that is. Gathering everybody together to celebrate Christmas together can make employees feel more connected to the company and its culture.
  • Branding & Marketing: Why do we mention marketing when we talk about holiday parties? Because your employees are also word of mouth brand ambassadors for your business, their memories of good times had working for you, including the great time they had at the Christmas party, are experiences they will share with other people, including on social media.
  • Tax Benefits: Yes, really, it’s true that hosting a company Christmas party will save you money on your taxes. Everybody hates taxes, so even if you’re the bah humbug type, can you really say no to a Christmas party if it will ultimately save you money?
  • Increase Employee Engagement: In this interview with the Washington Post on Oct 4, 2017, former US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek H. Murphy, loneliness is an epidemic, and workplace loneliness shortens lifespans but conversely “when people have strong connections with the people they’re working with that can not only improve productivity and the overall state of the company, but it can also improve their own health.” Hosting an office Christmas party will make employees feel more connected and increase their engagement with each other and with your company.
  • Boost Morale: In addition to increased engagement, your company holiday party can help increase employee morale. Your employees work hard for you, but you’re also very busy. It can be easy for people to get sucked into the routine of work and start to feel burned out. Getting everyone together off-site and having a good time can make people feel great about their jobs and your company again.
  • Show Gratitude: Even if you have tools like a kudos board and pass around cards at birthdays and include a Christmas bonus in the final paycheck of the year to show your gratitude for your employees, these things are no match for face to face gratitude and the grand gesture of a company Christmas party somewhere like a gorgeous golf and country club.
  • Meet New People: When you host an office Christmas party, especially one outside of the office, and you allow your staff to bring spouses and significant others, everybody in your company gets the opportunity to meet new people. In addition, if your business is fairly large or has multiple locations, a company holiday party is the perfect opportunity for you and your staff to socialize with people from other departments and facilities who they might not normally see.

Now that you know why your business needs to throw a Christmas party, how do you plan it and where should you host it? We understand how overwhelming it is. We throw a huge number of Christmas parties every year for offices, families, and even holiday weddings, and would love to help you throw your office holiday party this year in one of our two amazing event venues here at Southern Hills Golf & Country Club. There’s still time to book yours, but hurry so you don’t miss out on all the benefits of an office Christmas party to remember for years to come!

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