Rent Out the Perfect Space for Your Office Holiday Party

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Choosing a space in which to host your office’s annual holiday celebration can be a challenging task. Selecting an event venue in Cookeville, TN requires you to make a decision that could make or break your office’s biggest party of the year.

If you are responsible for choosing where to host this year’s holiday gathering, you should select an event venue in Cookeville, TN that is conveniently located, easy to access and provides a unique experience for all of your party’s attendees.

To make your party truly shine, here are some of the best ways to ensure that employees never forget your company’s holiday gathering:

  • Never host it at the office: This isn’t just a major faux pas. It may actually prevent your guests from actually enjoying a single second of the party! If you are hosting your event where most of your employees spend their days working, it will be hard for them to take their minds off of the daily grind. Nothing says relaxation like the serene surroundings at Southern Hills Golf & Country Club.
  • It can be any time of day: Holiday celebrations don’t have to be held at night! In fact, many guests may prefer a midday or afternoon event. This allows employees to spend their evening relaxing and unwinding. Additionally, it could make the process of securing an event venue substantially easier on your end! With Southern Hills being a private venue, their two beautiful rooms are available all hours of the day or evening.
  • Switch it up: Do you host different iterations of the same event, year after year? Break out of the mold and host a truly unique event! A great way to set this year apart may be to try choosing a theme for your party. Just be sure that you are sensitive to any theme ideas that may be offensive to your guests. The staff at Southern Hills can provide you with different ideas they’ve used through the years.
  • Families can be welcome: A common complaint about holiday parties and other company functions is that families and significant others are not allowed to attend. If your guests would rather be spending time with their loved ones, nobody is going to have a good time. Southern Hills is family friendly and welcomes parties of all ages.
  • Widen your guest list: Don’t just invite your employees and their families. You can make a truly memorable event by including any notable clients, colleagues or other relevant business connections on your guest list. This will allow employees to network with prospects on behalf of your firm in a laid-back atmosphere. The more the merrier! Bonus – Your clientele will be impressed with the beautiful and relaxed surroundings provided at Southern Hills.
  • Eat, Drink and be merry: What’s a party without food, drinks and dancing? Both of the beautiful rooms at Southern Hills feature commercial kitchens, full-service bars and large hardwood dance floors so you can customize your fun the way you want. Use any or all of these functions to make your party the way you want it.

Nobody in Cookeville, TN meets the criteria for a perfect holiday party more than Southern Hills Golf & Country Club! Contact one of our helpful and friendly representatives to learn more about booking our accommodating and iconic facilities for your next office get-together. We are the premier event venue in Cookeville, TN and can assist you with many aspects of the hosting experience. Your guests are sure to enjoy our elaborate amenities and detailed service offerings!

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